2021 EGVYB Fall Baseball Season Information


EGVYB is excited to announce that for the first time ever, we will have a Fall Baseball Season in 2021. Get ready for baseball to continue beyond the summer in EGV!

8/5/21 Updates

  • Bronco will play entirely within Elk Grove and Pinto, Mustang, and Pony will play as part of the CSYBA.
  • Pinto, Mustang, and Pony will require the use of USA stamped bats per the rules of the CSYBA. Bronco may continue to use other bat standards, however families are encouraged to purchase a USA stamped bat if a new bat is needed.
  • Practices will being the week of 8/8 with games tentatively scheduled to begin on 8/21
  • Teams at some divisions have been allowed to have slightly more players that would normally be allowed in an effort to ensure a full team can be fielded due to the number of anticipated conflicts with players with prior commitments to other activities.
  • Rules
    • Pinto - CSYBA Standard Pinto Rules
    • Mustang - CYSBYA Standard Mustang Rules
    • Bronco - EGVYB Standard Bronco Rules - Exception that game limit has been increased to 2 hrs 30 mins with no new inning starting after 2 hrs 15 mins.
    • Pony - CSYBA Standard Pony Rules
  • CSYBA Website - www.csyba.com

7/22/21 Updates

  • All players on waitlist for all divisions as of today will be allowed to register. Ability for players on the waitlists after today to register will be determined on a daily basis. We will make every attempt to get all waitlist players on teams, but our ability to do so will be determined by the total number of registrants at each division and total number of teams as we do not want teams to have too many players.
  • Based on current registration numbers, we will have the following number of teams:
      • Pinto Division - 2 Teams
      • Mustang Division - 2 Teams
      • Bronco Division - 4 Teams
      • Pony Division - 2 Teams
  • Due to the high participation at the Bronco Division, a possibility of keeping it entirely within EGV is being considered.
  • Teams will be determined by 8/4 and players should hear from their coaches by 8/5.


  • Registration is open NOW and will close on 8/2. Please note that due to the nature of this season we will unlikely be able to accept players after 8/2!
  • We hope to be able to field several teams at each division, but for now each division is capped at 12 participants and players will be allowed in on a first come first serve basis. This limit is to ensure that we don’t end up with a division having too many players for a single team.
  • If you go to sign up and registration is full, please get added to the waitlist! We will allow additional players in as we get enough registrants to form additional teams or if we determine we need to increase individual team size. We’ll make every effort to get everyone on the waitlist in if at all possible!
  • Fall ball will be for Pinto – Pony divisions and you will register for the grade that your player will be entering in the Fall. Note that we are unfortunately unable to offer Fall ball for the PeeWee division at this time.


Grades (Fall)

Registration Code




1 - 2





3 - 4





5 - 6





7 - 8






  • Each team will play a minimum of 9 games (8 regular season and at least 1 playoff game).
  • Games will be played primarily on Saturdays with an additional game during the week on occasion.
  • Games are expected to start on 8/21 and the season will be wrapped up in mid-October.
  • Half of the games will be at home in EGV and the other half of the games will be scheduled in nearby towns.
  • Practices may be scheduled on one weekday each week as field availability and scheduling allows. A couple of practices will be scheduled for each team before the 8/21 start.
  • The CSYBA handles all game scheduling, so special scheduling requests can’t be honored.


Teams, Uniforms, & Misc Items

  • Teams will be formed the week of 8/2 and you should hear from your Coach by the end of that week.
  • As with the regular season, teams at the Pinto division will be formed primarily based on school and requests, whereas the Mustang – Pony divisions will be drafted to ensure balance across the teams.
  • Players will be provided with a hat and uniform shirt (style similar to the All Star uniform). Players will need to have their own baseball socks and pants, but we will have a way for you to get these items if needed.
  • IMPORTANT: The CSYBA only allows bats to be used that are stamped with “USA Baseball”. This is the new standard for bats that was adopted by Little League several years ago and also adopted by many youth baseball programs. You can expect that this will also be phased in for EGVYB’s regular season over the next few years. BBCOR or USSSA stamped bats will not be allowed in Fall ball. We encourage players to have their own USA Baseball stamped bat, but we will be providing each team with several bats as we understand purchasing a new bat on relatively short notice may be a burden for some families.
  • We will be following CSYBA rules for the Fall which may differ slightly than our regular season rules. All rules will be posted on our website once they have been finalized.
  • To make this a success, we need Coaches to commit to running a team and helping players learn to play! Please indicate if you would like to be a head or assistant coach when registering.
  • Please visit EGVYB.org (or manageyourleague.com/EGVYB) for the most up to date information regarding Fall Baseball. We’ll be posting all of this information on a new “2021 Fall Baseball Information” page and updating it regularly.